Streetphotography with the A7II and manual lenses


I have a new blog and my own domain online, which gives me much more freedom to work with and also lots more space! Please use my new blog now 🙂 All new posts will be only at: Thx for all your visits and support so far, hope to see you on my new blog!



4 thoughts on “Streetphotography with the A7II and manual lenses

    1. Thx, i allready installed the update yesterday, the sigma works now with autofocus with the commlite adapter. i will post a review and video with the 2.0 a7II update. it works better than i thought, on total defocus (long travel) it takes quite a while untill something is focused, but you can help it with a quick manual turn, as soon it has that area in focus and you point the sigma at something else in that area its pretty quick, but you can see that in my video review soon


      1. It is possible that you measure the time it needs to focus a subject in the front at aperture f1.4? Alternative it would be nice if I can also see in the video when you are pushing the trigger.

        Thanks for the Video!


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