Sony A7II Firmware Update 2.0 REVIEW PART I

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8 thoughts on “Sony A7II Firmware Update 2.0 REVIEW PART I

  1. Hi Drasko.
    Nice little write-up! Have you tried whether or not the eye af now works in continous autofocus like on the a7rii?


    1. Thx! Eye Focus AF works with Native E-Mount lenses not with adapted lenses (not shure with A-Mount lens), the Eye Focus AF option is in the menu! I´ve sold my Zeiss 35 recently so can´t test it, but as soon as i get a new FE/A-Mount lens i will test it.


  2. Perhaps the AF hunting problem was because of the low light situation? I noticed you were focusing from 1.3 – 2.0+ stops underexposed, which is horrible on the a7ii even with native lenses. Will part 2 have an outdoor AF test?


      1. Thank you for the clarification. I was really hoping to buy the commlite with some canon glasses, don’t want to spend much on the Metabones IV. But let’s see if the Viltrox is better 🙂

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